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Afternoon Tea Week

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The final few hours of our flash sale to celebrate last week’s Afternoon Tea Week is underway. Simply use the code “teaweek10″ by midnight TONIGHT to take advantage of a 10% discount off all orders online.


Local Matters

When most of us go to buy online or in shops, our attention is mostly focused on the product and less in its origin or how it got to the shelf. Nevertheless when this comes to Teas, this is a very important issue that one should care about as it has a direct impact in the quality and sustainability of a high quality product.

At In Nature we do not buy any Teas, from any industry, but exclusively from local farmers even if we do have to pay more as we believe this attitude makes a real difference to the teas, to our company, customers and to the lives of local farmer communities. We want to ensure that many years from now these good hard working people are still harvesting the mountains in the traditional way and passing on this admirable legacy to the new generation.

And finally there is also a massive difference in the taste and quality of the Teas when sourced from local traditional farmers than the ones mass produced in industrial plants with all sorts of artificial additives wrapped in a tea bag.

This is what we have been doing for all these years with people like Xiao Yang, 48 from Fujian Province who has provided our White Teas for the last 7 years. Her parents, brothers and sisters are all connected to the land as her ancestors.

We do hope to share all this genuine goodness to as many people as we can and to include her family to be a part of our endeavor for many years in the future.



Wimbledon Tea Time

Wimbledon is nearing finals day and like most of the country, we are looking forward to sitting down and enjoying the final match with a cold beverage and a bowl of fresh strawberries! However, with cool alcoholic drinks being the usual drink of choice, what about a healthier option?

Chilled Oolong Tea

Here at In Nature, we’re a big fan of chilled teas and we think that Natural Oolong with a twist of wild honey is just divine. Refreshing and healthy, keep it bottled in the fridge and serve over ice during your Wimbledon Tea Party!

And don’t forget, receive a box free of charge when you spend £35 or more online during July.

Pure Iced Tea for Summer

Summer is finally here and as the days grow ever hotter, it’s important to hydrate ourselves and keep cool. Although it is well known that tea will cool you down in warm weather, sometimes we just want to enjoy a cool and refreshing beverage.

Lotus Iced Tea from In Nature

So why not treat your tastebuds with a pure and natural glass of iced tea? Brew up a pot of lotus tea and transfer to a jug. Stir in a spoonful of delicious raw honey to sweeten and place in the fridge to chill. When cool, serve in glasses over ice. You could even try garnishing with fruit.

Caffeine free, refreshing and with a delicate taste, this natural tea is a wonderful and healthy alternative to the canned drinks on offer in the supermarkets.

Enjoy in the garden, with family and friends.

Free gift for original recipe ideas

During this warm weather it is a perfect time for you to try different drinks and foods to stay healthy and enjoy a great summer.

Let me hear from you. If you have any ideas, new recipes, please write to sandy@innteas.com.

With any new teas or honey recipe ideas we will send you a free tea strainer. Please include some images of your recipes.

Image: free tea strainer in exchange for an original recipe.

You may also add a recipe or comment on our In Nature page on Facebook, which will also qualify for a gift from us.

Hoping to hear from you soon

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