Why EATING green teas can be good for the health

It’s common knowledge that drinking green tea offers many health benefits, but did you know that further benefits are offered from eating green tea leaves? Using green tea leaves in salads, blending into smoothies or using as a seasoning for foods is a delicious way of getting the nutritional benefits that green tea has to offer as it takes full advantage of the antioxidants and vitamins in the leaves which are not fully extracted during the brewing process. Some components of green tea leaves are not water soluble at all, meaning that you are missing out on them by simply drinking the tea. To draw a comparison, we are encouraged to eat the vegetable and drink the water when we boil vegetables to ensure maximum health benefit. Why should green tea be any different?

Try saving the leaves next time you brew up and sprinkle them into a stir fry or even sprinkle dried leaves on top of ice-cream for a quick and easy way of incorporating green tea into your everyday diet.

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